Welcome to the future of the range.

Inrange® is a unique, hyper-accurate, radar ball-tracking system, designed
to transform the range experience and the range business model.

how it works

The Inrange® system uses radar sensors at the perimeter of the range to track each ball flight FROM EVERY BAY. This data is then used to creating an exact virtual ball flight – not a modelled flight

Practice made perfect

Increase loyalty amongst keen golfers by giving them a reason to stay longer and visit more often.

For your core customer base, Inrange® revolutionizes practice by making it purposeful, data-driven and fun.

Serious fun

Attract a whole new demographic to your range who will stay longer, and spend more.

Inrange® combines with powerful game software to create an immersive and rewarding entertainment experience for every ability level, including complete beginners.

Progression in the palm of your hand

The Inrange® mobile app enables players to access the full single-player experience from their own phone or tablet – perfect for green-grass ranges.

The app also enables every player to analyze their session, shot-by-shot, and track their progress over time, always giving them a reason to come back and improve.

Transform your business

Make no mistake, this is the future of the golf range. Inrange® ranges are increasing visits, ball volumes and additional spending. Why not join them?

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